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Why Choose A Psychologist?
A clinical psychologist is a doctoral level professional licensed by the State Board of Psychology to provide a variety of mental health services.
In your search for a therapist, you will find a variety of mental health professionals to choose from, including Personal Coaches, Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and Psychiatrists (MD). It may be important to familiarize yourself with the range of services provided by each.
Some of the qualities that set psychologists apart from other mental health professionals include:
A doctoral level education
Two to four years of supervised pre- and post-doctoral training in clinical psychology
Passing a national written examination
Passing a state law and ethics examination
Licensure and continuing education monitored by the California Board of Psychology and Department of Consumer Affairs
Psychologists have advanced specialized training in providing psychotherapy and conducting diagnostic assessments. A psychologist's expertise lies in helping you understand and resolve or change various psychological problems like depression, anxiety, self-destructive patterns of behavior, and difficult or painful life experiences and transitions.